Nathalie Joffre



At the edge of the double (2015) with Dajana Roncione. With the support of the Fondazione KML Roma and the Scuola Holden Torino.
Video. 17'24''. Color, sound.

A video inspired by the life and work of photographer Tina Modotti (1896-1942) with Italian actress Dajana Roncione. The performance is split into scenes, based on Modotti’s letters to Edward Weston and various biographies, but also on the actress words about Modotti and herself, as well as on the director’s own perception of Modotti and Roncione. It takes place in a theater, on stage and in the spaces surrounding. The actress is put into each situation without preparation in order to avoid acting and an already built fictional character. The performance explores the ambiguous and double character that is in between the actress herself and a projected fictional character, Tina Modotti. This character is at the edge of the double.